LDS Leap! Dance! Stretch!TM

At The London Day School our students love to keep moving! Whether outside on our whimsical playground or inside in our fitness studio our students spend time every week energizing their minds and bodies! They especially love to move during our LDS Fitness & Nutrition Class, Leap! Dance! Stretch! By using this program we are able to focus on the whole child while working to combat the issues of childhood obesity at the Preschool and Kindergarten level.  Our lessons incorporate mindfulness into each lesson which promotes healthy minds along with healthy bodies.  Our program is also anchored by the SPARK PE, a nationally recognized fitness and nutrition program.


Students learn the importance of moving every day to build a healthy body. Each class starts with basic exercises before moving into the active part of class. Students are introduced to some of the key elements of sports such as soccer, baseball, and basketball. They also work on focus, balance, working as a team, listening and following directions. Children work on mastering important gross motor skills while learning the need for sportsmanship and teamwork. Working to build healthy hearts, minds and bodies is what LEAP! is all about. At the same time, teaching our students to be good sports and team players ties in with our strong character education themes and curriculum.


Our students love to dance! During gym class, they learn synchronized movements to various styles of music. The key is to get the students moving. Throughout the year they work on choreographed dances that include our stretching, sports, and dance moves!


Students stretch their bodies to soft music as they cool down from an exciting class. They also engage in various yoga-inspired stretches. They enjoy creating and sharing their own stretches with others in the class as well. Besides stretching their bodies, the students stretch their minds by discussing and sharing healthy eating choices and what it means to have a healthy lifestyle.


Additionally, students take turns being the gym teacher for the day. This promotes confidence in even the shyest student and introduces public speaking at an early age. LDS Healthy Choices Fitness Program – Leap! Dance! Stretch! takes a holistic approach to fitness and nutrition while offering students the opportunity to Leap! Dance! and Stretch!

Enrichment Based Preschool and Kindergarten