London Day DREAMS™ Afternoon Enrichment Curriculum

Drama, Recreation, Enrichment, Art, Music, Science, Spanish

London Day DREAMS Afternoon Enrichment Curriculum is designed to provide children with Enrichment opportunities in the areas of Drama, Recreation/Movement, Art, Music, Science and Spanish.  Through the London Day School DREAMS program, children don’t have to dream about being a great scientist, artist, singer, actor; they can actually give all of those things a try and more.

Every day, we focus on one of the core subjects such as Music, Spanish or Science with exciting books, activities, and lessons and always include either outdoor play or movement in our gym to keep our little learners engaged and energized the entire afternoon.

Our afternoon program is designed to continue the learning and engagement that students receive during the morning hours of our program.

Children will participate in exciting activities that will reinforce current skills and move them forward to become engaged and inquisitive learners.  Students will be challenged to be active learners, asking questions, seeking answers, and utilizing critical thinking skills.

Activities and projects are a balance between teacher led instruction and student initiated.  Our program takes an enrichment based approach to learning.



Enrichment Based Preschool and Kindergarten