LDS’s educational philosophy of Enrichment and Project Based learning draws on a child’s natural inclinations toward discovery. The environment we have created will foster independence, self-discipline, and motivation.

All of our classrooms including our Enrichment Village which includes our Music & Drama, Science, Fitness Studio, and Library Rooms, are designed with respect for children. Furniture and equipment are sized for them. Classroom materials are designed to encourage creativity.

A London Day School classroom invites children into an environment carefully designed to stimulate sensory perception, foster readiness for reading and writing, and help the child gain self-reliance in learning.

Please note that for the safety of all of our students, nut products are not permitted on school campus.

Small Classes Provide Big Rewards…

Small classes are more engaging places for students because they encourage a more personal connection with teachers. Our teachers are able to devote more time to each child every day when they have classes with no more than 12-15 children. This small classroom environment allows our students and teachers to develop a special, nurturing and trusting relationship which fosters a love of learning, confidence, and improved academic achievement overall.

Our Preschool Prep class designed for children who are at least 18 months has an even smaller student to teacher ratio.  It is important to us that children have a classroom that is conducive to learning and that our students have a calming environment as they begin the journey through preschool.

Enrichment Based Preschool and Kindergarten