Our Preschool curriculum is focused on “Enrichment and Engagement.”

We know that every child learns differently and at various paces. By using a variety of methods, we provide each student the experience needed to be active and engaged learners.

In the past, educators believed that students were either tactile, visual or auditory learners. More recent findings have shown that this is not the case. Students learn best when they are exposed to a combination of multiple techniques. We believe that students will make the most of their educational experience by being exposed to sensory, tactile and visual experiences simultaneously. That is why our curriculum focuses on “Enrichment and Engagement.”

At The London Day School™, we incorporate a variety of teaching approaches in our classrooms. Students are exposed to a combination of unstructured, imaginative play, structured teacher led activities, and project based learning.

Students participate in investigative learning, and both gross and fine motor based activities in our “Enrichment Village™” which houses our Science, Drama, Music and Library. Students also participate in our Character Education Program and Physical Education in our Gym every week. Organic Gardening and Spanish are also part of our student’s day.

Our goal is to provide students with an engaging and exciting learning experience. If something is not working with a child or group of children, we can adapt our approach to make it work for them.

We are excited to share these unique experiences with your child and know that they will be equally as thrilled to share their daily experience with you!

Enrichment Based Preschool and Kindergarten