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Our Philosophy


We strongly believe that learning begins with the family; the school’s goal is to extend and develop that process in a spirit of cooperation among students, teachers, and parents. We also believe that a small student to teacher ratio is of utmost importance to give students the attention they need to reach their full potential.

The LDS Community values trust, fairness, cooperation, and sensitivity, and expects students to learn to reach outside themselves and respect the dignity of others. Our students will not only graduate from LDS with strong academic skills and a readiness for Kindergarten, they will also grow as individuals and learn about the importance of social and community responsibility.

At LDS, differing personal qualities, talents, and learning styles are appreciated, and the lives of all are enriched by shared experiences. We work hard to make sure that every child has all the tools they need to learn and succeed in an exciting, challenging, and nurturing environment.

Our Teachers and Teaching Assistants are trained educators with many years of experience teaching the best and the brightest students. Our entire staff is accessible to parents via phone or email and will regularly communicate with parents via monthly newsletters, conferences and meetings throughout the school year.


We understand that leaving your child in our care is truly an honor and our entire staff will strive daily to meet and exceed your every expectation.

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Enrichment Based Preschool and Kindergarten